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- Welcome -

Welcome to the portal home page for all of CLA's publicly facing APIs. This site contains basic information around the methods and parameters of the various APIs available.

- Further documentation -

For more detailed documentation, please refer the "Documentation" tab above for some useful links. If this is not sufficient, please get in contact with us.

- Authentication -

All APIs share a base authentication which requires users to sign up and make request for subscription. CLA will review any subscription requests, though we make contact you before accepting. Once subscription has been accepted, please go to the Profile page to get your subscription key for use in the authentication header.

- Contact us -

We have an IT support team that can assist with any queries, accessible by emailing, or log an issue in the "Issues" tab above.

Our APIs

Check Permissions API

Check Permission API

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DCS Sandbox API

his is the version configured to use the DCS Demo / Sandbox environment.

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Digital Content Store API

You will need to use the DCS authorization headers and the Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key to gain access.

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