Check permissions v1.02

We will soon be getting a new revision of the Check Permissions REST API which will include the following features:

Trying out these new changes

You can try out these changes by using version v1;rev=2 instead of version v1 in the path. For example,;rev=2/Method


This is a brand new method which allows users to type in a "query" parameter and retrieve titles that the user was likely trying to find. This call also requires the messageId as the others. Try:;rev=2/Autocomplete?query=hello&messageId=1

Additional parameters for SearchTitles

We have added sortBy, facetMinCount, publisherFacet, countryOfPublicationFacet, publicationTypeFacet and spellingSuggestionMaxCount

Parameter Description
sortBy How the results should be ordered. Options are title-asc, title-desc, relevance. Default is relevance.
facetMinCount The minimum amount of results per facet required for the given facet to be returned. Also used as a toggle for this functionality.
publisherFacet Filter the publisher to match the value supplied exactly
countryOfPublicationFacet Filter the country of publication to match the value supplied exactly
publicationTypeFacet Filter the publication type to match the value supplied exactly
spellingSuggestionMaxCount The maximum number of suggestions that will be returned. Not supplied by default. Value must be between 1 and 100 inclusive.

Null values for usage types

The usageTypes parameter can now be omitted in the GetPermissionsByIdentifier and GetPermissionsByManifestationId calls. The API will automatically retrieve the relevant usage types for the given licence type and publication form.

Conversion of ISBN10s

In version 1.1, you are unable to search for ISBN10s, but that has changed. Our API will do the conversions for you, so that the permissions will always be found.